What is EAA

EAA is the Engineering Athletics Association: we run the intramural sports for engineering students at the University of Toronto (SKULE). Our teams compete against other colleges and faculties in lots of sports. We also run interdisciplinary leagues for soccer and basketball, where Mech can play Civ, for instance. Lastly, we run Teach Me How To events and tournaments to let you play interesting sports!

How do I join a team?

If it’s the beginning of the school year, sign up for the corresponding mailing list! That way, you will be sent details of tryouts and/or first practices. The captains will facilitate the official signing-up process. If it’s in the middle of a season (like March or November), it’s best to contact the captain to see if they need more people.

What sports are offered?

If it has an EAA mailing list, it most likely has a team! Check uoftintramurals.ca to see the full list of sports available: if EAA doesn’t have a team for a sport offered, email us to let us know there is interest!

If I’m in engineering, does that mean I have to play on one of the EAA teams?

Nope! If you’re eligible to play for your college’s team, for instance, you can play for them instead. University of Toronto also allows groups of friends or clubs to register teams as well, if there is room. You can get more information at uoftintramurals.ca. However, by playing on one of the SKULE teams, you get to bond with your fellow engineers, and the level of team commitment may match your workload better.

What skill level is required?

Depends on the sport! If there’s a lot of interest in a sport, there will be tryouts and often multiple teams in different divisions.

What if I don’t know how to play this sport? What if I’m not good enough?

Don’t worry! Lots of the sports are beginner friendly. Lots of people come in with limited experience and still have a great time. Usually they come out much better players too!

I’m in an engineering program at U of T- does that mean I can join an engineering team?

All engineering students are eligible to join SKULE teams- yes, even grad students! Just make sure you’re not breaking U of T Intramurals’ rules of eligibility: you cannot play on two or more teams in the same category (Coed, Mens, Womens) in the same sport. For instance, you cannot play on 2 Mens Soccer Teams.

What does it cost to join a team?

It’s free (included with your tuition)! Most sports typically require some equipment, but they are usually not too difficult to obtain.

Why should I take part in Skule sports?

There are lots of benefits to taking part in Skule sports! You get a chance to get fit, meet awesome people, and show the rest of the university that engineers aren’t just all about studying and drinking beer. You may also have opportunities to take part in leadership roles, making you a more well-rounded person overall.

How much of a time commitment are Skule sports?

It depends on your particular sport and how competitive your team is, but a few hours a week should be expected. There will typically be one game a week, and potentially a practice. Contact your captain and speak to them to get a better understanding of what the time commitment you should be expecting. While this may sound like a lot, think of it as taking breaks from all your school work and studying! Not to mention the health benefits!

EAA seems to be an awesome organization- can I be a part of it?

Definitely! We typically hold our elections in March, but you can send an email to admin@eaa.skule.ca to find out more info.

My question wasn’t covered here!

Check the council page to get the contact details of the council member who could help answer your question! If you’re unsure, just email any one of us and we will find you the answer you’re looking for!